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As of Today 10/7/2011 we have reservations for:

Ken Ragan and Maureen , Terry Tucker& June, Doug Folger& Nita Forrest Folger, Beverly Williamson Marquardt, Kathy Hydrick Shroff, Iris Warlick Studenny& Richard, Judy Lewis, Teddy Nelson, Linda McDaniels Russell& John; Mike Griffith& Dianna, Mary Chaffin Johnson& Jon; Cheryl England Cunningham, Mary Lou Ankershiel Crumpler, Dianne Maxwell Chalmers& Don; Patsy Campbell Brennan; Nancy Kenton Setter& Ken, Phillis Koeller Lea& Robert& sister Kay Koeller Reed; Bill Prather, Glenda Cline Sisson& Tom; Donna Whittenburg Hummel, DeAnna Dudley Mendenhall, Don Thomason& Karen; Carol Jeanette Hansen Tharp; Lee Ratcliff; Tony Bacher& Linda; Dorothy Pagano Scott; Dennis Wilson, Randy Genet; James Baker; Susan Tull Cobb, Larry Ryals, Marva McDill Carnahan& Phil; Ron Crow& Viki Payne; Bob McHugh& Rhonda; Cassie Honn& Collette; Marsha Slagle Darden; Linda Wiseman Gondles; Rachel Crawford Gattel& Melvin; Floyd E. Smith& Maybell; Vickie Coggburn Wortham& Johnnnie; Jodie Burgin Backward& Len; Linda Brown Miller; Larry Laurence Nelson; Gary Marrs& Susan;David Pool, Gloria Bryant; Michael Roschak; Laurel Kelsey Wells; Teresa Miller Shampnoi& Emmit; Larry "JOE" Rucks& Jane Ann;Karen Adams Simonson& Terry; Susan Bailey Evans& Charles; Larry Yadon. and committee members Jan Davies, Susan Pinion. Cheryl Curtis. Have heard from Susie Hinton, Edna 'Gina' Causby; Judy Carns; Jim Downing; Brenda Perry& Bob Eynon;Bonnie Griggs; Earl Hanson; Karen Karstetter; Rick McNeely; said the are comming...
I will update next week.More come in daily!!

 Approximately 762 students graduated in May, 1966, from
Will Rogers High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Information about your School, classmates and the
upcoming 45th reunion is available through this web site.  If you are a class member, be sure to stop by our LOST CLASSMATES page and E-mail any information you might have.  Let's see if you can help us find our old friends.

"I am just an old country boy in a big town trying to get along.  I have been eating pretty regular, and the reason I have is because I have stayed an old country boy."

~Will Rogers

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