"We Will never have true civilization until we have learned to recognize the rights of others"

~ Will Rogers

In Memoriam

Will Rogers High School

Class of 1966

Deceased Classmates                        Update: 9/1/11


                                                                        Deceased Date (if known)

Adams, Jerry

Allen, Sharon Kaye (Manning) Allen          March 16, 2022

Barham, Billie Joe (Barham) Pollard          Deceased at 20-Year Reunion

Barnes, Patricia (Barnes) Werner               2007

Beckham, Jerry                                             May 19, 1967 – Vietnam

Bebee, Ellen

Bidwell, Barbara (Bidwell) Hight

Billingsley, James                                          Before 10-Year Reunion

Bowen, John Charles                                    Before 10-Year Reunion

Buske, Danny                                                            1969

Caldron, Gregg                                             July 1990

Caldwell, Janice                                            June 4, 2001

Chibitty, Pamela                                            September 15, 1991

Childers, Chuck                                            July 23, 2000

Clark, Robert

Connor, Ronnie                                             1993

Cooper, Don

Crowe, Richard                                             October 22, 1994

Dailey, Robert D.                                          Before 10-Year Reunion

Davis, Vickie (Davis) Byrd                           2005

Derton, Larry William                                  March 20, 1996

Edwards, Joan                                              2002

Estira, Ted

Gillenwater, Cloy "Gil"                               December 28, 2001

Godfrey, John                                               Deceased-Vietnam

Grisham, Alyce Marie (Grisham) Dunn     July 2, 2002

Gwin, Alice Marie (Gwin) Mendoza           June 6, 2010

Hall, Guy

Harp, Roger                                                   February 18, 2007

Harvel, Gary                                                  July 9, 1996

Henley, John                                                  February 23, 2000

Hickerson, Carol Ann (Hickerson) Lynch  2000

Hickman, Mike Edward                               May 5, 2002

Higginbotham, Kathleen                              1985

Holloway, Ray

House, Herb                                                   January 27, 1995

Hufford, Martha (Hufford) Harp               March 10, 1997

Idsardi, Dan                                                   1969

Johnson, Carolyn Sue                                   December 7, 2001

Jolly, Dennis                                                  July 2000

Jones, D. L. “Dink”                                      February 28, 2008

Lacy, James Franklin, Jr.                            May 10, 2011

Lyle, Darrell                                                  Before 10-Year Reunion

Marshall, Hubert L.                                      September 25, 2008

Martin, Phillip Wayne                                  Before 10-Year Reunion

McKinney, Tommy                                       September 21, 1995

Mihos, George                                               June 1999

Morrow, Carolyn                                          Between 10 & 20-Year Reunion

Mullens, Gary W.                                          December 9, 2005

O’Blenness, Mike

Patrick, Carl Mike                                        April 5, 1993

Perkins Roger                                                April 1983 or April 1984

Plummer, Paul                                               December 27, 2005

Quinn, Susan J. (Quinn) McKinney            August 5, 2008

Renne, Michael W.                                        September 17, 2004

Rice, Julie (Rice) Jensen                               December 23, 2008

Rice, Rusty                                                     Summer 2008

Rogers, Kay (Rogers) Evans                        2005

Rotramel, Connie (Rotramel) Lee               January 16, 2004

Sims, Larry G.                                               September 2001

Stanfield, Sonny                                            1999

Staton, Margaret (Staton) Hanson              May 28, 2009

Stokes, Robert Earl                                       July 26, 2008

Stout, Jimmy                                                  Before 10-Year Reunion

Strand, Danny

Sunday, Charles                                            Between 10 & 20-Year Reunion

Sutter, Charles                                              May 2011

Tomer, David                                                            January 9, 2006

Turner, Marion (Turner) Kinzer                June 21, 2010

Ward, Sharon (Ward) Patton

Watson, Andrew                                           Between 10 & 20-Year Reunion

Weeks, Ronnie                                               Before 10-Year Reunion

Whitsitt, Ronald                                            June 1993

Williamson, Ricky Dwayne                          April 2006

Wooten, Kenneth Roy                                  1968

Zerbe, Sandra Sue                                        1976

Zongker, Tommy                                          April 2006



Please know that we regret any discrepancies.  Let me know if you have any corrections, or additions,

so I may keep our records as up-to-date as possible.  Thank you.

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Although they are gone
We shall always remember
Our childhood friends
And their smiles each September

The summer would show
Young birds how to fly
Like our youth and our memories
From Will Rogers High

We shall never forget
The times that we shared
And we pray they may rest
Just knowing we cared.


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